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Here's a very recent review of CityJam we found in festivalandgigguide.ie You can read the article in full by following this link. Thanks guys!
Source http://www.festivalandgigguide.ie/index.php/blog/reviews/2678-pat-coldrick-cityjam-review Warning: Please be advised that the following contains strobe and flashing lights. Is this the right video I have opened? I thought I was reviewing a “Classical” piece. Pat Coldricks much anticipated video Cityjam has just landed on my desk, the title track of his new album which is about to hit the streets. Hailed as a classical guitarist and composer one thing that will strike you is that this is not what you were expecting. Unless you have been to one of Coldricks recent intimate concerts where only the discerning have had little tasters of this album, you will not have heard this piece, you will not have experienced the energy, edginess and pure electricity that exudes from this performance, you will not know the ethos of this performer, what he has been trying to tell us all along….. Until now.
This video brilliantly produced by Tim Murray of 360 Creative and his team has portrayed perfectly what Coldrick is saying to us. Quoting Cedrick’s own blog he says “This sure aint Mozart, Mahler, Couperin or Corelli!…This is Coldrick and this is CityJam and this is MY type of Classical Music 21st Century style…guaranteed to remove the cracked plaster from the corridor walls and depict the claustrophobia of city living and the world we presently live in The buzz of the crowds and chaotic street noise, the speed and endless headlights, the expectation and frustration of keeping pace with modern living. I wanted this piece to hustle you, leave you blinded, sell you stuff you didn’t need and leave you wondering where you parked your car!”
This is not the classical music we have been exposed to. The video which dances betwixt Coldrick in a simple old room bathed in light through an open window and the fast pace of heavily populated streets, fast moving traffic and busy railway stations and where we get brief halting glimpses of people, a girl sitting in a chair in the crowd, people in the streets, a clock… all the while Coldrick is keeping the rhythm going in this piece which ultimately ends with the sound of breaking glass… A hint of Coldricks rock and roll days perhaps… Whatever the influences this piece is a merging of contemporary classical and something else, something we can’t quite put our finger on and this is the kernel of Coldricks success, what makes him stand out from the crowd.
His new album Cityjam leaves us totally spoiled, a 14 track compilation, a DVD containing this video and another blockbuster Antarctica completed in surround sound and a 14 page booklet. It is available to order now on patcoldrick.com and digital download available on CdBaby and will be on iTunes very soon.