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A Letter from Pat: Dear friends and supporters.
Today i take on the biggest challenge of my career to date and i sincerely ask you all to please support me in this important endeavour. We have 8 weeks from today to raise the amount needed for the campaign to see my second album "CityJam" reach completion. I promise you this album will be very special featuring more of my original tracks like "ANTARCTICA", CityJam, Aurora, Elena,as well as Handels Passcaglia ,Sevilla by Albeniz and many more.The recording, production and package will be of the highest professional quality while also exploring and offering a new exciting audio soundscape for the listner.Please visit the link below and take advantage of the many rewards on offer for your donation as well as the option to donate annonomusly if you prefer. Reward Donations begin from as little as 10 Euro right up to 2500 Euro.This is not a charity and all donations will be rewarded from pre-ordering the album on completion to performing privately for you or your group anywhere in the World.

Up to now, your constant support and encouragment for my music has been nothing short of fantastic and i ask you all to PLEASE,PLEASE,get behind me on this one and SHARE with all your friends.Log into the link provided below and follow the easy steps provided.The Fundit website is 100% secure and many have been extremely succesfull using Fundits brilliant website and service.

No money will be taken from your account until the target has been reached and we have a limited deadline to achieve success.Please donate TODAY as an early show of interest will give the campaign great momentum.

Again i sincerely thank you for coming on board with me and if we all achieve this, it will again show the great potential in people power and huge support you all have for my music.Fingers crossed folks and many,many thanks to you all.

Yours in music,

Pat Coldrick.